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Before the booking

  • Q:Can I provisionally book an act?
  • Q:Why should I book with Gigz Management music agency over any other?
  • Q:What happens if the act I book cancels?
  • Q:What happens if a band member is ill on the day of my function?
  • Q:Read our price matching guarantee
  • Q:Are all the prices quoted all inclusive?
  • Q:What happens if I need to cancel?
  • Q:I’m worried about booking an act that I haven’t seen playing live.
  • Q:Can I see an act at a live performance before booking them?
  • Q:Which act do I choose?......there are so many.
  • Q:How do you apply your charges for travel expenses?

The booking process

  • Q:How do I actually book the act I have chosen?
  • Q:Will I receive a contract?
  • Q:How/where do we add the finer details for our event?
  • Q:Can we speak to the act directly when we’ve booked?

Act/Venue Requirements

  • Q:There are noise restrictions at my venue. Will a band still be able to play?
  • Q:Can your acts provide PLI and/or PAT certificates for our venue?
  • Q:We have to provide the act “rider” what does this mean?
  • Q:Will the acts provide all their own equipment?
  • Q:How much space will the act need?
  • Q:How much power will the act need?
  • Q:Does the act need a stage?

Before the booking

  • Q:When will the act arrive and when do they finish?
  • Q:Can the act arrive earlier than 6.00 pm or finish after midnight?
  • Q:When is the best time to get them to set up. What are my options?
  • Q:How long does it take them to set up?
  • Q:What will the act wear?
  • Q:Can we borrow the act’s microphone on the day for speeches?
  • Q:How long will the act play for? Will this be long enough?
  • Q:How long will the act’s interval(s) be?
  • Q:How many songs will the act play during their set?
  • Q:What happens when the band aren't playing?
  • Q:Will the band perform my First Dance or take requests?
  • Q:Can I choose the band/DJs/Quartets play list for the evening?
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