We are looking for young, cool talented and professional musicians, bands and DJ's to join our roster for well paid wedding, corporate and party events throughout the UK.

What to do next!

If you are interested in being considered send us some live audio or live video footage, biog, set lists and photos to convince us that you should be given an audition.

What we will need

If you are sucessful at the audition we will need you to e-mail us the following;

  1. A biography
  2. Set list in this format; Song title // artist name
  3. 6 high res professional photographs
  4. 6 professionally recorded mp3 tracks and 1 compilation mix of all the tracks (under 10mb)
  5. 6 up to date testimonilas in this format; clients names // venue // date
  6. Names, addresses and e-mail addresses of ALL the menbers of the act

Welcome to Gigz!

Once we have added you to the web site we will send you an online link, user name and pass word in order to access your gigz account. From here you will be able to;

  • access your booking calendar. We need you to update your availability on a weekly basis as we (as well as clients!) will be making bookings based on this information.
  • view all your enquiries and bookings information
  • upload new mp3, photos and video footage
  • update your biography and set lists
  • view your net fee matrix
  • send us a message


Playing in a band to enthusiastic audiences in beautiful surroundings with all day to ski or snowboard, is without doubt the best way in the world to spend a winter. Twelve winter seasons as booking agents in the French Alps have given us a unique understanding and insight into all aspects of band management in an Alpine resort.
By using the broad range of knowledge and contacts that Gigz management have built up over the last ten years the agency aims to make the season both financially profitable and enjoyable for the artists that we represent.

What we are looking for

We are looking for young, cool talented and professional cover bands, soloist, duos and DJ's.
The brief is upbeat party covers although the bands will be able to play some of their own stuff as long as it is upbeat. The bands job will be to get the clientele (from 20 to 50 years of age) dancing and partying. We are not looking for the standard tired rock/pop covers band. We are looking for something cool, fresh and interesting... something different. Eg. 2000 to present covers, Band with a DJ mixing/MC, 80’s covers, ‘80s cheese, glam rock, classic dance anthems, some beat box, rapping, some Ska/Northern Soul/Motown... anything but brown eyed girls or sex on fire! It still has to have a mainstream element that will appeal to the masses.

The deal

  • The season begins around the middle of December and finishes around the 2nd week in April. Bands/duo have to do a minimum tour of 3 weeks (ideally longer).
  • The capacity of the venues varies from 60 - 300 people and most bars offer a small stage.
  • The gigs are easy work in that you are playing to people who are on holiday and usually up for a party. The bands are employed to create a good atmosphere, get the crowd partying, drinking and singing as much as possible with a view to encouraging them to return.
  • In general the most effective songs are up beat party tunes; a combination of modern hits, rock n' roll, standard classics and sing-a-long tunes. A lot of this is initially by trial and error and gets easier as you get to know the venues. There is a chance to play some up beat original songs early on in a set.
  • Each gig consists of two one hour sets (usually with a few encores), although this can depend on each individual venue manager.There is potential for some chill-out gigs and also the chance at some venues to play outside on the terrace as the season progresses.
  • Bands are expected to provide their own high quality P.A. and equipment. There are music shops in Moutiers and Albertville. Bring loads of strings, your own soldering iron, extension leads, French-English adapters, fuses etc.
  • All performances dates with venues are fully contracted for the season as is any agreement with Gigz Management and the artists they represent. The majority of the gigs (6 a week) are situated within half an hour's drive of the accommodation sites, with the possibility of one evening gig a week being a 2 hour round trip.


Accommodation is getting more and more difficult to find in the Alps every year. Each band/duo has a shared chalet or apartment with 2 rooms with two single beds in each room. There is a shared living room area and full cooking facilities. Bands/duos are expected to pay a small deposit for accommodation. This is reimbursed at the end of the tour once an inventory check has been carried out.


The band is expected to drive themselves and their equipment out to the resorts. It is essential that bands have their own reliable transport ( ideally a van) to get themselves and the equipment to the various gigs. The vehicles need to be in good condition as they take a real battering in the cold conditions. Do not leave equipment in cars or lying around unattended as stuff has been stolen in the past. A good set of snow chains is essential and should be bought once you arrive. Fuel is cheap in France and insurance essential.


  • Not having to spend a winter in the UK
  • Meals included with each gig.
  • Cheap (approximately £300 ) workers season ski passes (one Valley!).
  • Day times free to ski or snowboard.
  • Free beer,wine and soft drinks while playing.
  • Bands on the agencies books also enjoy a busy summer schedule in the UK.


The facts and figures in the proposal have been devised with a four piece band in mind.
Each member of the band will be paid a minimum of 700 Euros for doing 6 gigs each week (roughly £500 clear after rent is paid). Cash is paid at the end of each performance by the venue manager and invoices are provided to each venue by the agency.
Each musician/bands needs to have an A1 form which shows that you pay class 2 self employed national insurance contributions in the UK and allow you to work legally in France (you are also expected to declare your earnings to the Inland Revenue once you return). In order for us to process these forms we need each member to be registered as self employed in the UK at least 3 months prior to the tour starting. We will advise on what you need to do.

What to do next

If you are interested in being considered send us some live audio or live video footage, biog, set lists and photos to convince us that you should be given an audition.


Throughout the year Gigz Management organise cover bands to do week long tours of one of France's most famous live music party venues... Waynes bar in Nice.

The deal

  • 7 gigs from Monday till Sunday inclusive. Bands arrive and leave on the Monday.
  • €1800 for 7 gigs. accommodation (they have a small apartment with 4 bunk beds), 2 meals per day, and an 80€ bar tab per day.
  • Bands must pay for their own transport/flights to get to Nice (Easy Jet: Gatwick/Luton/Stansted).
  • The venue provides all back line and front of house equipment. The bands just have to provide their instruments. Gigz are from 10.30pm to 12.30am with a 15 minute break, so a little over 2 x 45 minute sets.
  • Wayne’s is a tourist party bar so the bands play only covers.

E-mail us for a full a more detailed information pack.

What to do next

If you are interested in being considered send us some live audio or live video footage, biog, set lists and photos to convince us that you should be given an audition.

When it comes to events... The music makes it!